Chi vuole sposare mia mamma o mio papà?

Chi vuole sposare mia mamma o mio papà?

Project Description

Head Editor & Colorist

“Chi vuole sposare mia mamma o mio papà?” is a program that believes in second chances. The title says it all: two mother-daughter couples and two father-son couples follow each other inside a romantic villa surrounded by greenery, in search of love.

For every mom and every dad, six suitors are ready to make themselves known, but following the rules: meetings can only take place in certain situations and for a limited time, according to a degree of intimacy that deepens day after day.

Not everyone has the same chance until the end: every mom and dad must gradually choose who to eliminate, supported by their sons, who will also have the unexpected opportunity to change the cards on the table. The stories unfold under the attentive and romantic eye of Caterina Balivo, who with her elegance accompanies every mother towards the happiest ending: that of delivering a bouquet to the man and woman who conquered them.

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