Giuseppe Ruggiu

Giuseppe Ruggiu

Senior Video Editor, Videomaker & Creative Director – Milano

I am an experienced professional with a background in both advertising and television. From 2004 to 2010, I worked for various Milanese advertising agencies on website design and creation, motion graphic video production, and strategic communication choices. In 2010, I decided to branch out into the television industry by joining the start-up team for Virgin Radio Television, where I focused on post-production and motion graphics.

I continued to work with leading Italian production companies, taking on post-production roles for popular national TV formats such as MasterChef, X-Factor, and Pechino Express. I quickly advanced to the role of Editor in Chief, where I oversee finalization of programs, color correction, and manage and supervise a post-production team.

In 2010, I also opened a small production company in Switzerland, where I was responsible for customer acquisition, production, post-production, and social media promotion for corporate projects, TV promos, advertising spots, and events. However, the project was discontinued in December 2017.

With a diverse skillset and experience in both advertising and television, I am now seeking new challenges and opportunities in the industry.


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